PRE-ORDER ANNOUNCEMENT: Reissue of the ultra-rare 1965 EP by J.-P. KALFON – 4 Proto-Punk Chansongs

We are proud to announce the upcoming release of the vinyl reissue of the ultra-rare 60s EP by Jean-Pierre Kalfon, “My Friend, Mon Ami”. Includes the cult proto-punk “Chanson Hebdomadaire”.
The date is October 23, 2019.

Released on CBS in 1965, this 4-track vinyl is a must of French pop culture, the missing link between the nouvelle vague and the punk underground in Paris.

Deluxe package with a custom replica jacket (CBS 6154).
Edition limited to 450 copies.
• Old-school printing: laminated sleeve with flaps glued outside.
• Full-color OBI-like pop-art + never seen photos from the `65 shooting sessions (photograph: A. Nordmann).

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